Zen Music Garden

Audric Bordeaux and Patrice Daviau are both from Bordeaux, France. The two met while in high school, and formed a long lasting friendship based on their love for music and New Age culture, that was gaining popularity during that period.

During the early 00s, the two began composing their first experimental songs. After graduation, they finally began trying to publish their music. Tobacco Music Edition saw something in these young but promising artists, and decided to contract them. In 2010, the two finally managed to publish their first album, “Zen Music for Zen Meditation – Musique Zen”.

The album was a success, and listeners immediately asked for more. A few months later, a second album was produced. The wave of success keeps on going, Bordeaux and Daviau will keep on publishing new and amazing content in the future.

Members: Audric Bordeaux and Patrice Daviau
Executive Producer: Giordano Trivellato