Equilibrium Audio Library

Equilibrium Audio Library is our database of songs created primarily for cinematic use. Start browsing our dedicated YouTube channel to find the most extensive and rich catalogue of music dedicated to creators, videomakers, editors and vloggers that wish to convey emotion through the soundtrack of their videos.

Search through our songs and find the right mood to your project. Have a documentary, TV Series, movie, gaming video or vlog that needs a background? Browse through our categories and playlists, and select the theme that suits your liking.

Equilibrium Audio Library is part of Equilibrium Music Group.

Equilibrium Audio Library F.A.Q.

🎵 Where can I find your music?

All the songs composed by our artists, and distributed by our labels, are available inside albums and compilations published on the major music stores.

🎥 Can I use your music in my Youtube videos?

You can use the music of Equilibrium Audio Library in your Youtube videos only, but you cannot monetize them. Ads may appear, along with the notice of rights claimed by a company named ‘The State 51 Conspiracy’.

📺 Can I use your music in my other projects?

If you want to use this music outside Youtube (i.e. for syncing movies, films, soundtracks, tv shows, series, webseries, documentaries, reality shows, or any other kind of video production distributed outside the Youtube platform) please get in touch with us to receive an advantageous offer tailored to your needs. We will gladly help and discuss with any creatives, directors, music supervisors, audio managers and professionals of the entertainment industry.

📭 How can I contact you?

Use the contact form you can find at this link:
and fill it with your requests. We receive a lot of inquiries every day, but we do our best to reply to all.