Tiefenentspannung Atmospheres

Claus Zimmer, Dominik Cole and Leon Schimitz met in Munich during a concert. They kept contact thanks to their mutual friendships, and shared the same dream: to spread through Germany and Austria a new type of music that still had to find its place in Europe. Tiefenentspannung Atmospheres was born from a project that had this in mind. A new type of music that many could appreciate, but that little had met until that point.

In 2012, Tiefenentspannung Atmospheres published their first album; a collection of 40 of the best relaxing songs for spa and massage. After a period of anonymity, the group began growing in popularity. As of now, Zimmer, Cole and Schimitz wish to continue the publication of music, following their dreams and inspiration.

Members: Claus Zimmer, Dominik Cole and Leon Schimitz
Executive Producer: Giordano Trivellato