Spa Music Relaxation Meditation

Jeffrey H. Parker and M. Farley met in a record store in Holden Street, San Diego, during a rainy day of November 2008. while waiting for the bad weather to subside, the two got acquainted with each other. They shared dreams, and set the foundations for a great project: create some of the most relaxing music the world would ever listen to.

Moving forwards a couple of years, the two had formed Spa Music Relaxation Meditation, and were getting ready for the release of their first album, a compilation of music for Spas. There were several setbacks with the first label they signed a contract with, but thanks to the help of Equilibrium Music Group, Parker and Farley finally managed to publish their content at the beginning of 2011. Since that first, small album, the two have continued to grow in experience.

As of now, Spa Music Relaxation Meditation periodically published high quality content, following their dreams and inspiration.

Members: Jeffrey H. Parker & M. Farley
Executive Producer: Sacchetto Giuliano & Thomas Dallan