Sleep Music Lullabies

Sleep Music Lullabies debuted in 2011 with its most popular and sold album up to date, “Sleep Music – 101 Sleep Songs”. The market was void of playlist that could satisfy the big need the public had at that time: a big selection of relaxing music that could help you fall asleep at night. Sleep Music Lullabies provided it at the right time.

P. J. Williams was born in Toronto; he worked as a radio operator, and during his early years became interested with isochronic tones. He now includes them within his work. The album was a hit: selling hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, it skyrocketed on top of the USA New Age Chart of the iTunes Store, and is ever presently there.

Across the years Sleep Music Lullabies has published many other compilations of music created appositely to sleep. Its discography has grown exponentially, and many of its albums have climbed the New Age and Instrumental charts all around the world. Most notable of all are the compilations of Christmas themed sleep music, a hit during the holiday season.

Sleep Music Lullabies hopes to follow this positive trend, encompassing within its music more Delta Waves, a special frequency that mimics the brainwaves the human brain generates while in a state of deep sleep.

Member: P. J. Williams
Executive Producer: Sacchetto Giuliano & Thomas Dallan