Restaurant Music Academy

Working within the restaurant business, D. Jordon was always looking for the right background to play for his customers. He had studied piano when he was young, and once he turned 30, he finally managed to pick back up that passion. Soon, a strange but brilliant idea struck him: what if he could write the music himself?

Jordon tried composing his owns songs. He would ask his wife for feedback; after a couple of initial failures, he found the right vibe and his own style. Since 2010, Jordon has been publishing his music worldwide under the name Restaurant Music Academy thanks to Tobacco Music Edition.

He hopes he can continue publishing his music, exploring new genres and satisfying the needs of the people that through the last 5 years have began supporting him and following his work.

Member: D. Jordon
Executive Producer: Giuliano Sacchetto & Giordano Trivellato