Relaxation Guru

Bandhu Sapan, the brilliant mind behind Relaxation Guru, was only a small child when his parents emigrated from India to New Zeland. They did not take much with them, but they brought a lot of spirituality and mindfulness from their native country. Growing up, Sapan was a quiet and introspective child. He had a very keen affinity with music, and as soon as he could he began creating his own.

Within his songs, influenced by great artists such as Deuter and Enya. He began using sounds of nature within his music, the same sounds he recorded while visiting his extended family in India. Since 2013, his music has been published on several online stores; Sapan hopes to keep this positive trend going, spreading his love across the world. With the help of Tobacco Music Edition, this dream continues to live on.

Group Members: Bandhu Sapan
Executive Producer: Giordano Trivellato & Giuliano Sacchetto