Meditation Masters

A new and upcoming group, Meditation Masters has climbed on top of American New Age charts during the last years. After a slow appearance in 2014 with just a couple of albums, Meditation Masters hit the jackpot by releasing Meditation 101, its most popular album up to date. The amazing collection of relaxing songs captivated the public immediately.

The founders of Meditation masters, D. J. Lehman and C. Keaton were ecstatic. They had dreamed of breaking through to their public since they had met in a record Reeds in 2009. Since its release, Meditation 101 has been listened on Apple Music by hundreds of thousands of users, skyrocketing in iTunes’ USA New Age chart. It sits there still, appreciated and downloaded by many every day. Meditation Masters is currently working on many new projects.

The most innovative make use of special sounds that stimulate brainwaves; the most recent and amazing discoveries in neuroscience all incapsulated in music which makes it easier for you to meditate.

Look forwards to their new releases by following them on Apple Music and on Spotify.

Members:  D. J. Lehman & C. Keaton
Executive Producer: Giuliano Sacchetto