Lounge Safari Buddha Chillout do Mar Café

B. M. Casárez is a well know DJ born in Alicante in 1984, that uses the moniker “Lounge Safari Buddha Chillout do Mar Café” for his most recent music project. He is resident in many Barcelona clubs and often you can find him play at the best beach bars in Formentera.

Casarez DJ published his first compilation of lounge music in 2012. An album inspired by the best music listened an played in Ibiza during that summer, that now is one of the most popular and sold Ambient albums up to this day.

Casárez has published many records of lounge music across the last years, records containing erotic songs born from his fleeting love stories across the Mediterranean. His music is permeated with melancholy, and filled with the sounds of nature that surround him. Heat, passion, and memories. This is what drives him in making more music.

Lounge Safari Buddha Chillout do Mar Café will keep on amazing his public. New collaborations with other DJs are already on their way. Follow him on Apple Music for more info.

Member: B. M. Casárez
Executive Producer: Sacchetto Giuliano