Italian Restaurant Music Academy

P. De Luca is a pianist from Rome. M. Beneventi a composer from Pisa. The two met while visiting Venice, the lagoon city of eternal love. As they say in Italy, their love was as rapid as a roll of thunder; within 6 months they were married.

Their union gave birth to Italian Restaurant Music Academy, a duo of performers that recreate the traditional music you can listen in the best restaurants of the Italian peninsula. From the hot and passionate notes of the south, to the laid back and simple notes characteristic of the north, De Luca and Beneventi will amaze you. Every city they visit together has inspired at least an album, and their relationship grows to the same pace of their rich discography. 2016 has been an amazingly evetful year for the two, and Italian Restaurant Music Academy wants to keep this trend going for the years to come.

Members: P. De Luca & M. Beneventi
Executive Producer: Giordano Trivellato