Deep Sleep Music Delta Binaural 432hz

Binaural Beats: new findings in science show that listening to these special frequencies will help you fall asleep much faster, as they mimic the natural frequencies your brain experiences while in a state of deep rest.

Jose C. Wise was on a mission: incorporating them within relaxing music, so as to create the most beautiful sleep inducing songs ever. Thanks to Equilibrium Music Group, Wise – as “Deep Sleep Music Delta Binaural 432Hz” – published his first album in 2012, a collection of isochronic tones and sounds of nature music that has amazed hundred of thousands of listeners with its efficacy.

Deep Sleep Music Delta Binaural 432hz will keep on studying the effect of delta waves on different stages of sleep, and incorporating what he discovers within his music.

Group Member: Jose C. Wise
Executive Producer: Sacchetto Giuliano & Thomas Dallan