Bedtime Songs Collective

Since 2010, Bedtime Songs Collective has been creating some of the most relaxing tracks you will ever have the chance to let your kids listed. The band members, S. Royce, J. Burke and E. Brewer met in high school in sophomore year. Having just moved, the three immediately built a connection. Their friendship held all through high school and continued when they moved to collage. During that period they began creating their first music together.

The first songs they composed were very experimental, and made use of sounds of nature and New Age piano music. They found out that this music was extremely useful for helping children fall asleep at night, so when they finally published their first album they chose “Bedtime Songs Collective” as their group name. Today, the three keep on composing their music, and are enjoying a modest success both on iTunes and Spotify.

Member: S. Royce, J. Burke and E. Brewer
Executive Producer: Giordano Trivellato & Giuliano Sacchetto