Asian Meditation Music Collective

Asian Meditation Music Collective got together in 2010 and created their first album, a short compilation of 33 songs. They had a moderate success, but the band had no intention of pursuing a career in the music business in that moment in time.

The band counts two main members, D. J. Hill, an Australian musician and M. K. Barnes, a physician specialized in Indian culture. The two met in Thailand in 2008, and decided to join their expertise together in creating a collection of music the world would learn to love.

Time passed, and a small but vocal minority of loyal fans kept on asking for new content. In 2015 the band got back together and created their masterpiece: an album of 101 songs for meditation, an inspiration that was born from a trip through India and Japan.

Sounds of nature encounter the vibes of eastern flutes, and create music that is appreciated day by day by hundreds of thousands of listeners. Following the great success of this new album, the group started creating new music. They intend to continue this positive trend, and hope to give birth to more successful albums in the near future.

Group Members: D. J. Hill & M. K. Barnes
Executive Producer: Giordano Trivellato & Thomas Dallan